Friday, 13 June 2014

Themed Funerals

Funerals seem so far away, and not usually given much thought while we are all still young and fit. There are many "funeral payment plans" available to the over 50s. So I thought I would do some research and see how easily information is available for the unexpected deaths, that unfortunately do occur. It seems that there are many websites that will give you all the basic information you need, from how to register a death, to costings and local funeral directors. I will add these websites at the end of this post. Very few actually give you a choice of Funerals! What I mean is, as time goes on us British are getting more able to discuss death and dying and I have notice there are alternative funerals available. Recently a beautiful boy passed away in Lancing he too had a Brain Tumour which he bravely fought for 2 years... Jack is his name, and I do not personally know the family but they lived opposite friends of mine that I used to visit regularly over the last 2 years. On occasion I noticed his Mum, bringing him in and out of the house, sometimes he was wheel chair bound where  I'm sure the chemotherapy had hit him hard. I was desperately saddened to hear of his passing, but my spirits were lifted a little in seeing his "Star Wars" themed send of. His coffin was escorted by Storm Troopers and it was wonderful to see his life celebrated in this way.
So I wanted to see how accessible these themed funerals were, and as much as they are not well advertised it seems most good funeral directors will be able to source all sorts of things from Crazy Biker Hearst to Bright Pink Ones and beautifully painted coffins .
The only legal requirement in the UK for funerals is that the death must be certified and registered, and the body must be disposed off either buried or cremation or another means.
So as much as the bereaved person may not be coherent at the time of funeral planning , I would urge all those closest to them to really do your research and give them all the options available.
I , like most people were totally unaware of such funerals, even floral arrangements were unknown to me and I can assure you that had I known such things were available so many things would have been different for my Lola.

Jack's funeral was arranged by Ian Hart Funeral Service Ltd , phone: 01903 206 299
They cover most of Sussex.

Themed Funerals

A Husband and wife team with over 23yrs experience in the business. They offer a wide variety of funerals
"One Size fits all does not work" said MD Christopher.

Their knowledge, understanding and dedication is very apparent.

" We see it as a Vocation, not a job" he told me.
They are soon to launch a new website called, 'Bluebell Funerals' so look out for this but in the mean time you can contact them at
Phone : 01760 336819

Nigel Dengate & Sons - Hove/ Brigton / Sussex But They do Travel Further

Having personally used them for my Father's funeral, I can highly recommend them. Another well managed Family business with a wealth of experience. Nothing is ever too much trouble. They went above and beyond for my family and they are now firm friends.

Contact :
Phone: 01273 204410

Other Useful Contacts.

Uk funeral guide and directory of funeral directors.
The natural Death Centre .  Registered charity

This Blog Post is dedicated to Jack Bray, may you rest in peace Angel x