Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Lola's story, 2

Lola was 2years 8moths old and Ava was now 11months.It was a bright Saturday morning in March and the girls were in their play room drinking their milk. I gave Lola a cuddle, and she promptly through up right down the back of my dressing gown!
"Sorry Mummy", she said..... I picked her up reassuring her that it was all ok. She seemed fine in herself at this point. She did not have a temperature but was very tired. She didn't eat all day, and just had little bits to drink, by the evening I called the Dr, who reassured me it was most likely a tummy bug and that there was a lot going round and just to let her have plenty of rest and push fluids. Sunday morning came and she seemed a little brighter, but still not her usual bubbly self, John asked if she wanted to go to the park and that seemed to perk her up. I got her ready to go and she was sick again, but she insisted on going with her Daddy to the park and they had a lovely time although John knew she was not herself. The next morning she was complaining that her head hurt, she still had not eaten and so I called the Dr and demanded a home visit. The Dr arrived and after checking her over for about 3miniutes (if that)  gave his diagnosis,
"Tummy bug, little one will get it next", he said as he smiled at Ava in my arms, and that was that. I stupidly never thought to question him. This brings me to a question for all you reading this, how many times do you take yourself, your kids, parents to the Doctor and ever question what they say? after all they are only human? do you think its possible for a Dr to be rubbish at his job? why not? there are some people that take great pride in there jobs and do what ever it is they do to the best of their ability, and then there are those who will always do the minimum require because they just can't be bothered! or maybe its just that they have become complacent in there work? My Doctor was nice, did he really take his time examining "Lola".... No, if he had would he have noticed her tumour? may be, may be not and if so would she be here now? its very unlikely but we will never know the true answer to that question. I think its very easy to get caught up in life, and just simply forget that these people we go to regularly are GPs - GENERAL practitioner's, they can not possible know everything, you have to have a little faith in yourself and your instincts, do not be afraid to asked to be referred to a specialist. I am not against GPs at all, but please don't be afraid to question them.
Lola with her Grandpa , my Dad. xx

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Lola's story, 1

Lola was born on 14th July 2003, she was  healthy and well and as she was delivered by Cesarean section, was held up to me briefly before being handed over to her very nervous but totally in ore Daddy. It was a hard transition for me at first but John was such a natural and she loved by everyone. My best friend had her son, Harry a month before and also Keira  , Lola's cousin was born the same year. Life was good, yes like most young couples starting out money was tight but we managed to buy our first house with help from my parents and we soon decided to have another baby.... well John decided I was not at all sure after all Lola was just 1year old. Anyway we went for it and our 2nd daughter Ava was born in April 2005, Lola was just 21mths and loved her little sister totally. There was no jealousy, or tantrums she was such a lovely natured little girls that she was just happy. Lola was very advanced in all that she did strangely, she would recite and remember nursery rhymes easily and was so advanced in her speech even the Health Visitors were impressed.She had a high forhead and my Dad used to say..... "She's got a good brain in there"......

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Gifts for angels - Lola's story

Hello All, it has been nearly 7 years since my daughter, Lola, passed away... And as I set up "Gifts for Angels" in her memory I thought it was about time I told her story to the world. Over the next few weeks I will attempt to relay to you the "Wonder" that was my Lola and thoses fateful days in March when we lost her ..... In doing so I wish not only to honor her memory but raise awareness of Brain Tumours and the devastation they cause. sadly I am not the only parent out there that has lost a child and talking or reading about other people's experiences can help so please feel free to forward onto anyone you may know that is struggling with their own grief.
Thank you, Michelle x

Monday, 4 February 2013

Valentines Gifts at

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