Monday, 25 November 2013

Gifts for Angels & You Magazine Sunday November 24th 2013

Website of the
Michelle Rice’s little daughter Lola died of a brain tumour in 2006. The sadness of visiting her grave was compounded by the lack of grave ornaments that were ‘bright, beautiful and fun – like Lola’, as well as durable and inexpensive, so Michelle started this website to give her family and others ‘a little piece of comfort’. Find funky cherubs (£21.99), coloured stone vases (£16.99) and handmade seed cards (£4.50) in this small, sweet range.

Was so please with our write up from the very lovely "Sarah Stacey" at The Daily Mails "You Magazine" We have been really busy with orders since, happy? yes, but it is always a double edge sword!

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Grief at Christmas time

So I have decided to do a small Christmas range, this consists of Gold & silver grave vases and personalized Christmas tree baubles. While the reaction has been lovely, I'm constantly aware of people's opinions. For instance my lovely photographer is always worrying about my products been photographed looking "too cool/beautiful" and I have to constantly remind her that this is what I want as a bereaved parent. Another friend is worried that by me promoting

my Christmas range, it's too, "in your face" ( her words, not mine) .... It's hard to know what is acceptable when advertising it on FB and twitter..
.. " you don't want to look like your making money from people's grief"  was another persons comment.
While I do make a small profit on My products, I am also trying to support the charity "Brain Tumour research", and most of all I started this whole thing for me, it was always about something I could have to put down for My Lola. Why could I not make her grave side look pretty? Especially on her Birthday.... And now Christmas. Every year I have a bag of Christmas ornaments that I place at her grave side. Now I am over the moon by the fact that I have gold & silver vases that I can fill with Holly and hang little decorations from the branches. So please believe me when I say, "Yes, it does make me happy" , to know that after I have finished decorating my tree at home with my other children I can then go to the cemetery and decorate Lola's & my Dad's grave side and this is the exact feeling I want to be able to offer to other bereaved people.
Christmas is a lovely time of year, but also a very hard & difficult time for any person who has Lost a loved one. Knowing that I can't celebrate it with my beautiful eldest daughter and my wonderful Dad, is the worst feeling in the world and Nothing can take this away, but I do get some comfort from knowing I can decorate their grave sides, and on Christmas morning when we go down to the cemetery their grave's are looking festive and lovely, this helps Me..... That is why I do what I do, I am not a Saint, I'm not a business woman I am simply a bereaved Mother & Daughter, trying to cope the best way I know how.
Any comments would be much appreciated.