Thursday, 24 April 2014

The Brighton Charity Ball, in memory of My Lola x

Gifts for Angels along with event organising company "Funky lush Events" are putting on
"The Brighton Charity Ball" in memory of my daughter, Lola with all proceeds going to the charity we support "Brain Tumour Research".
This event will take place in Brighton, at The Hilton Brighton Metropole
On Saturday 4th October 2014
It promises to be a fantastic evening with live entertainment, a three course meal to include wine and a champagne reception. We will also be holding a raffle and silent auction.
Tickets are priced at £60. Each

Funky lush Events are a husband and wife team, Josie and Andy who I have know personally for 5 years. They have hosted many events including my Mother's 70th party so I know with their knowledge and wealth of experience this will be an unforgettable evening.
With my background in  Management and Pr we make a winning team.

I am very excited about the whole evening and so far the planning is going very well. It's wonderful to do something big in memory of "Lola" , to let more people know about this amazing little person that blessed our lives in every way. Like most bereaved Mothers and contary to what people think we like people to know about our lost Angels and to talk about them. We want to share them with the world, it keeps their memory alive and there is a certain amount of comfort in this. It's not about our sadness and grief, because this is private, we don't need the world to see how hard we cry.... It's about celebrating their life and showing people how utterly fantastic they were and how very luck we were.
 It is also about raising awareness and money for this underfunded charity -
Brain Tumour Research. So little is known about their cause or symptoms and  many of you having read my blog  know how easily Lola was misdiagnosed several times. It seems to me very obvious that research is the only way.
 More adults under 40yrs and children die from a Brain Tumour here in the UK than any other type of Cancer! I find these odds astronomical and even more unbelievable is that Research into Brain Tumours receives less than 1% of the national cancer research budget.

I am looking for sponsors to help make is evening a true success. I can offer free Pr and advertising for any company willing to help us, this will include all Social Media, press coverage, feature in our promotional video and much more....

Please share and post this information to anyone/company that may be willing to offer us financial support no matter how small.
For more details on the evening please go to

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Today I buried my daughter....

Today 8 years ago My Lola left our house for the very last time.
This week has been much easier than last week, and today I'm feeling calm and together. I can't explain why, grief has a strange way of hitting you at different times. Sometimes it's so over whelming that its crippling and the pain becomes physical and other days, like today, you know that you should feel sad and cry and yet I'm numb! I think maybe it's a coping mechanism or maybe it's just I'm eight years along now and I have become a master of hiding my emotions.... Even from myself. At any point I can sit down and relive those fateful days and I'm transported back in time and the pain feels exactly the same. This pain lives within me, it is a huge part of me. It fills the empty space in my heart and although it hurts me, I would not be without it. It is this pain that is a reminder of My Loss, My Daughter, My Baby. So days like today, when I feel mostly numb, I must embrace, for its the numbness of the pain that allows me to carry on.....